* * * * *


If you are a qualified endurance rider it is mandatory that

you have your own bib. 
Please refer to our Bib Policy and

Form on our Forms Page. 
We are aware that it can take a

very long time for the bibs to be supplied but you must order

one if you have qualified. 
Novice riders are exempt until such

time as they qualify but bibs are available to them if they

wish and also to training ride members.

* * * * *

Day Members MUST complete a Liability Waiver which is on our Forms Page.  If you do not use Nominate.com please complete an entry form which can also be found on our Forms Page.  All entries not received by the due date will be charged a late fee.

* * * * *


Flyer:      Cambrai 5-6 August 2017

New Logbook Application Form on our Forms Page

AERA Distance Scrolls for Horse and Rider on our Forms Page

Please note that there is an updated version of the Ride Organiser's Handbook.  All Ride Organiser's are asked to make sure they read this when they are organising a ride.

Calendar:    UPDATED  2017 Draft Ride Calendar 

Rule Book:      The new Rule Book in 5 sections can be found on our Rule Book page.  Please take time to read this.  Section 2 refers to Harness drives if you would like to clarify these rules.

Results:     Kirkcaldy Run, SA Tom Quilty completions

Photos:    Some of the SA riders at the Tom Quilty although unfortunately a lot of them were taken in the driving rain and wind. 



AERA Insurance Cover for Veterinarians on our Insurance page

Entry Forms

New Liability Waiver for Day Members

Horse Health Declaration (2 pages)

Horse ID Explanatory Notes to be used in conjunction with Logbook Application.               

Updated Distance Scroll Application

Links:      Our Nomination website - see below - NOMINATE.COM

Minutes:  Feb, Apr, May and June 2017   

UPDATED Hendra Virus Vaccination Information (see below).

* * * * *



Right now it’s hard to turn my mind to things local, so I won’t. This is because, right now, I am sitting in the sand dunes of the desert half way around the world! A pair of wild gazelle are looking at me wondering what the hell I am doing here!

I am in Dubai and fortunate to be so. Apart from getting overdosed with local culture, I have had and will continue to have a good look at some Endurance stables, local rides and facilities used to run rides, which seem to occur at least twice a week.

I have just been to watch a ladies race, 100km, 130 starters ,and an impressive line- up of horses including a healthy number from Australia. One is struck by the even sameness of the horses, all taller than we are used to, leggy, lean and well trained. The ride is 3 legs, 40km, 40km and 20km. The pace is constant, a steady 28-30kph canter! The good horses do it easily and finish well. The overall completion rate is about 50%. No lame horses got through and the ride information is displayed on large screens for all to see. There were no disasters here. There is a multi-national array of riders from all corners of the earth. One Australian rider, who I won’t name, was a bit put out that I didn’t recognise her. The scarf over her head didn’t help.

On one hand, there is so much we can learn by watching these rides – the organisation, the effort put into extracting amazing performances, and perhaps contrary to public opinion, the openness of the entire Camp.

On the other hand there is going to be a ruckus on the world stage I’m sure regarding the number of fatalities in the region this season.

There have been a few deaths due to ‘catastrophic breakdowns’ during the early stages of some rides. I’m not sure of the number, but one could say any is too many. I am not sure where this will end up but I get the feeling it may be a repeat of last year’s headaches – I hope not. If it does, then I hope everyone has the sense to remain calm and the ‘dollar driven factional warfare’ that we saw last time does not happen again.

What I do think, is that people who sell horses to the UAE need to start accepting some responsibility for some of the problem. While it was impressive to see 130 horses at a competition, all of a high class of presentation, what is also fairly obvious, is that if you look at the whole population of horses brought over here, ¾ of them probably should not be here. It is disappointing to see horses that are blatantly not who they are meant to be. The strength and soundness of 7 –10 year old imports competing over here is due in no small part to the good management and nutrition right from their conception up to their sale overseas.

If I had to crystal ball gaze, I think there will be an evolution in the selection and screening of these horses that will hopefully weed out the ‘wannabees’. I think the overall number of horses coming over here will drop but the quality and value will rise. In the short term, if a ruckus does eventuate I would urge the vocal minorities on both sides of the fence to behave. Enough on that topic but suffice to say, if anyone gets the chance to look around over here, take it – it’s an amazing place!

I even got an invite to a wedding for someone I never met, and what’s more, there were no women present, not even the Bride! This could catch on. The hospitality was mind blowing.

Last night I went for an evening ride in the desert – quite cool, cold actually, surrounded by wild gazelle that were remarkably unconcerned, and small desert Grouse that resemble a giant stubble Quail. The interesting aspect of this ride is that the maximum riding weight here is 85kg. I had to admit to being considerably over the limit! Solution - they presented me with an Arabian Clydesdale cross that seemed to be much closer to a Clydesdale than an Arabian! One very solid horse that carried me without a thought. The disturbing fact is that this horse was sold to Dubai for a substantial sum as an Anglo-Arab! And it came from Australia! It even made Orion look like a ballerina! Small wonder that there is a sense of mistrust of some Australian horse dealers! It was fortunate for this horse that it was taken in by the Marzooqi clan to be used to take fat tourists like myself for rides in the desert. God knows where this horse would have ended up if he had to perform as an endurance horse.

Back to things local now.

Our new Ride Trailer is well underway. I’m sure it will serve our Endurance community for many years to come. It should make the lives of Ride Secretaries, organisers and volunteers almost fun! What I am trying to include is a Bar Fridge, so if anyone has any contacts or an old fridge to donate let me know.

We also seem to have a healthy sprinkle of new ROC’s, different courses and some interesting rides coming up on the Calendar. We also have TQ17 descending upon us!

As per usual, in the lead up to a Quilty, the number of helpers never seems to be enough, and it usually ends up being run by the desperate and dateless few (the magazine editor begs to differ here!) so if anyone out there has any time, energy and a purpose in life, give Jean a call and see what you can do to help.

We also have a couple of Committee positions to fill, so rather than whinge and whine in the background, step forward and put your hand up. It’s the only way to solve the problems of the world and further our sport.

We continue to examine the idea of an interstate challenge between Victoria and South Australia, revolving around Dergholm and Mundulla and perhaps the Great Western.

As always, I invite people with constructive ideas and constructive criticism to call me any time and lay it on the table for discussion. It is more productive than campfire grizzle.

I hope everybody has a good start to the 2017 season with your horses, be happy, and if anyone has the time, volunteer!

PS I am still open to ideas and suggestions for inclusions in the new ride trailer. The advantage with the fellow building it, is that we are able to tweak things along the way, so any ideas, speak up now or forever hold your peace.

Bill Harbison

SAERA President

* * * * *

Go to our Ride Calendar Page and see the latest draft Ride Calendar.  If you are interested in putting on a ride on one of the available dates please do not hesitate to contact the Committee.  PLEASE NOTE THE DATE OF TWILIGHT MT CRAWFORD RIDE IS 11/12 MARCH AND NOT 18/19 MARCH.

* * * * *

Jodie Luck and Lindall Alabaska the stars of the show at the End of Year Presentations for 2016.

In the divisions for South Australian Mwt rides only Jodie was 1st Distance Rider, 2nd Points Rider and Abby was 1st Distance Horse and 2nd Points Horse, and together they won One Horse/One Rider.

They went on to win the following Perpetual Trophies: 
The Glen Gillian Trophy
The Ian Llewellyn Jones Trophy
The Niobe Distance Horse
The SAERA Endurance Rider
The AERA Shield and
The Achievement Award

To add to this Abby also clocked up enough kilometres to be awarded her 3000 km sash.

What an amazing year for both of them.

Check out our Results page for all the Results at the End of Year and Photos of all the main winners and those attaining Distance Sashes

* * * * *



SHIRLEY ([email protected]) FOR A COPY BY email IN Open Office (.odt) format.

* * * * *


Please note the following which will be of assistance when you are completing your Horse Identification Form.  These notes are downloadable on our Forms page.   It is VERY important that you apply for your logbook in plenty of time as incorrect forms will be returned and this will take up time.  Do not decide to enter your first endurance ride in a week's time and expect to have your logbook in that time.  It is suggested that a month's time would be more useful.


Markings you should include a description in the narrative section and appropriate marks on the diagram including the following:

WHORLS – can be present on the head, crest & neck and the body.

Simple whorl – a focal point into which hairs seem to converge from different directions – mark on diagram with x

Tufted – as for simple but hair converges up into tuft – mark on diagram with x

Linear – two opposing sweeps meet from diametrically opposite directions along a line – mark on diagram with a line

Crested – as for linear but the hair rises up to form a crest – mark on diagram with a line

Feathered – two sweeps of hair meet a long a line but the direction of low is at an angle so as to form a feathered pattern – usually commences at a simple whorl – mark on diagram with x and a line in the direction of the feathering

Sinuous – two opposing sweeps of hair meet along an irregular curving line – mark on diagram with line showing curve

The position of head whorls should be clearly specified with reference to midline and eye level and their placement in any white markings (e.g. blaze, star etc)

PROPHET’S THUMB – a muscular depression the approximate size of a thumb mark usually found on the neck or shoulder but can be found on the hindquarters – mark on the diagram with a triangle.


If the boundary of the white marking is not clearly defined then the descriptions of mixed (contains varying amounts of hairs of general body colour) and bordered (where any marking is circumscribed by a mixed border, e.g. bordered star etc)


Star – White mark on the forehead – type & size to be specified. If it is only a few white hairs then it should be so described and not referred to as a star

Stripe – Narrow white marking down the face, not wider than the flat anterior surface of the nasal bones. If there is a gap in the stripe it should be described as interrupted stripe.

The width and direction should also be described e.g. broad stripe, narrow stripe, inclined to left, terminating at upper left nostril etc.

In the majority of cases the star and stripe are continuous and should be described as star and stripe conjoined.

Blaze – White marking covering almost the whole of the forehead between the eyes and extending beyond the width of the nasal bones and usually to the muzzle. Any variations should be specified.

White face – White covers the forehead and front of the face extending laterally towards the mouth.

Snip – Isolated white marking independent of those already named and situated between or in the region of the nostrils. Size position and intensity should be specified.

Flesh marks – Patches where the pigment of the skin is absent should be described as fleshmarks and can be present between the nostrils or on the upper or lower lip. Size should be specified.

Lip markings – Should be accurately described whether embracing the whole or portion of either lip.

White muzzle – Where the white embraces both lips and extends to the region of the nostrils.


Grey-ticked - Where white hairs are sparsely distributed through the coat or any part of the body

Flecked – where small collections of white hairs occur distributed irregularly in any part of the body.

Black marks – Small areas of black hairs among white or other colour.

Spots – small more or less circular collections of hairs differing from general body colour

Patch – Describe large well-defined irregular area of hair differing from general body colour

Mane and tail – The presence of differently coloured hairs in mane and tail should be specified.

List – A dorsal band of black hairs which extends from the withers backwards.


Hooves – Any variation in the colour of the hooves should be noted. White hoof. Black hoof. Mixed to be described as striated hoof.

White markings – described accurately as follows: white coronet, white to (half) pastern, white to (below, full) fetlock, white to (half, quarter, full) cannon, white to knee, white to elbow (forelegs) white to hock (hind legs) with variations specified, such as higher (lower) behind, caudally etc. Please do not use the term sock or stocking when relating to leg markings.

WALL EYE – Lack of pigment, either partial or complete in the iris usually gives a pinkish-white or bluish-white appearance to the eye.


Brands – Please do not blindly copy a registration certificate – ensure that the brands are actually present and legible before describing them and marking them on the diagram.

Scars – describe and mark placement on diagram with an arrow

The above is put together with the assistance of the descriptions contained in “Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners: Captain M. Horace Hayes FRCVS Completely New Edition Edited by Peter D. Rossdale PhD, FRCVS

* * * * *


You may remember that over the first weekend in June we held the Pink Up Kuitpo ride to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation.  This was a very successful weekend and SAERA were delighted to send a cheque to the Foundation for $1750.  A further $675 raised separately by Kylie Clay, was also donated.  Huge thanks to everyone who helped us raise this amount and a very special thank you to Kylie.  Well done everyone.

* * * * * 


“Hello endurance family and more specifically ride organisers/helpers. Just a friendly reminder to please provide receipts for things that you would like to be reimburse for. I need the receipts to generate payment. Can anyone who has outstanding expenses from rides (excluding Marrabel and Starkeys 2) please forward them asap because I want to do ride profit and loss reports and all expenses need to be accounted for. Ride reports will help improve our calendar Thanks for your help!”   Rachael Barnett, Treasurer

Please send to SAERA, PO Box 32, Kangarilla  SA  5157 or email to [email protected]

* * * * *

Merchandise will be available for the upcoming Tom Quilty.


Are you aware of the Endurance Magazine which showcases all things endurance.  There is now a subscription available to you.

Click here for the form:  Endurance Magazine Subscription Form

* * * * *

* * * * *

Congratulations to our SA State Champions for 2016

Karen Alderton riding Zaki in the Best Conditioned workout down at Wirrina Cove.  They were first across the line, first and Best Conditioned Middleweight, and first SA bred registered arabian over the line.  They completed an extremely tough course in a time of 13 hours 53 minutes.  Very well done!

Full results and some photos are now on this website. I have now added some of Daniel Troon's photos to the Photo Gallery.

* * * * *


Before each ride, if you have nominated with Nominate.com.au, your entry form will be with the Ride Secretary and you will be asked to sign this form as the rider and/or parent/guardian if the rider is a junior and also complete an Emergency Contact No and if you are happy for photographs to be taken and used on behalf of SAERA.  You must bring along with you your 3 day Temperature Log and also a completed Horse Trainer Declaration.  If you have any problems please ask the Ride Secretary when you enter.

If you have not nominated prior to the ride you will have to bring an entry form with you or complete one on the day and pay your late entry fee of $10. You will also have to complete the Horse Trainer Declaration and a 3 Day Temperature Log which you can download from here and bring them with you.  Note that the Trainer must be a member unless you are entering an Introductory, Intermediate or Mini-Marathon ride in which case the rider of the horse may complete the Trainers Declaration as a day member.

All Day members must sign a Liability Waiver before they can enter the ride.

2017 Entry Form for Day Members

Liability Waiver if you are not a Member

Entry Form for Members

Horse Trainer Declaration

3 Day Temperature Log Page 1

3 Day Temperature Log Page 2

* * * * *

Vet Cards

When you ride in one of our Endurance Rides you are given a vet card if you do not have a logbook.  This logbook is completed by the vet and is available to you at the end of the ride once it has been entered onto the computer.  It is always interesting to keep your cards even if you have the misfortune to vet out.  There are lots of these cards which have not been claimed.  If you think one of these might be yours from the RRRide, Starkeys or Pink Up Kuitpo, please ask the Ride Secretary at the next ride as these cards will be kept for you.

* * * * *

The new Entry Form for 2016 is now available on our Forms page which you can download and complete before the ride if you wish.  Please note that you now have to fill in the PIC No. of the property where your horse is kept and there is also a Horse Health Declaration that has to be completed.  All non-Members must also also complete the Liability Waiver.

If you use Nominate.com a form will be produced for you to look at and confirm all the relevant details on it and you will not have to complete another Entry Form.

* * * * *


Please note that should you require articles to be returned to you in a timely fashion it is recommended that you enclose an express post envelope (suggested for logbooks noting that  up to 2 logbooks can be enclosed in the size 230mm x 162mm) with your application or a self-addressed stamped envelope with priority sticker attached (available from Australia Post for 50c each) which will ensure a faster delivery time for your mail.  Otherwise articles will be placed in the appropriate envelopes and posted by regular mail. 

* * * * *


Please make sure if you are a Junior (see Rule 27.7 in the General Rule Book) that the following form is completed by a parent or guardian.  If the parent or guardian will not be attending the ride, the form must be completed and brought to the ride and should be attached to the Entry Form.  Without this signed form a Junior will not be allowed to ride on that day.

Click here to download the form:  Parent/Guardian Form of Consent  

* * * * *

Please make sure that you are aware of non-member fees and late fees when you attend a ride.  Also please make sure that you have the PIC No. of the property where your horse is kept and enter it on the Entry Form. 

* * * * *

Anyone who is interested in taking part in one of our endurance rides in harness please note the following points:

A harness friendly ride may be advertised on the flyer but if not please make sure
by first contacting the Ride Organiser to see if it will be possible and what distance will be offered.

You may use either a two or four wheeled vehicle but only a single horse/pony.

You must have a passenger/co-driver who must be at least 16 years of age on the day of the ride and be capable of handling a horse in case of an emergency.

Cost of taking part will be the appropriate cost of the drive entered, e.g. $10 per 10km and $20 per 20km drive.  The driver, if not a member, must pay $15 Day Membership/Insurance and this also applies to the passenger.  Some rides are held in ForestrySA areas and require a Forest Permit.  If you have one it must be shown to the Ride Secretary when entering, if not the cost is usually $5.  This cost is also applicable to the passenger if they do not have their own Permit.  (Both Full and Training Memberships are available).

Take particular care when driving near ridden horses or unattended horses in yards, some of whom may not have seen a carriage before and we want everyone to stay safe.

For full information please go to our Rule Book page and click on Section 2 where you will find all the relevant information on Harness Drives. 

We look forward to seeing you at some of our rides and sincerely hope you enjoy yourselves.

* * * * *



You may have noticed a new process for nominating for our endurance rides

Online nominating is widely used across several equine sports and we thought we'd see how it worked for endurance. 

There may be several things that may be a bit tricky when you first get started and if there is anything you really find objection to........we want to know about it. Our aim is to make the process simple for everyone - riders and organisers.

To get started go to the endurance page under equestrian and then the events tab. You will find the event there. Click on the ride if you want details otherwise go straight to nominate.

There is some info that is compulsory and must be filled to be able to move on. There is also some info such as horse name that is not required for our sport at the nomination stage. If you are not sure which horse you will be bringing then just fill it as TBA.

The final difference is the $10 nomination fee for all events. This is nonrefundable but will be deducted from your ride fees on event day when the remaining fee is paid. For those not happy to make payments online then a cheque or money order can be forwarded to PO 32, Kangarilla 5157 by the specified nomination date.

 If you would like to ask any questions or give feedback about Nominate then you can contact Melissa Bright on [email protected]

* * * * *

Bookkeeper wanted for AERA - Click below for details:

Position Vacant for Bookkeeper

Expressions of Interest

* * * * *
You may be interested in the following article on Strangles in Victoria.

Strangles article


* * * * *
* * * * *
* * * * *

* * * * *

After much negative publicity regarding some endurance rides recently here is an article you might like to read, from a very much more positive point of view.


* * * * *


AERA have been issuing distance scrolls for your horse for some time now and are now issuing distance scrolls for riders.  Horse scrolls are available from 300km and 800km at $10 each and 1600km, 3000km and 5000km are free on behalf of AERA.  Certificates of Merit are then awarded for every 1500km thereafter. 

They are now issuing distance scrolls for the rider from 10,000km and then in increments of 5,000km up to 35,000km.

These forms are on our Forms Page and you will need to scroll down until you come to AERA DISTANCE SCROLLS.  Horse scrolls from 3000km and over and all the rider scrolls will be presented annually at the Tom Quilty Gold Cup Presentations.

* * * * *


PROPERTY IDENTIFICATION CODES (PIC) It is now an entry requirement for ALL riders (members/day members) when entering ANY endurance event (social/intro/training and endurance) to have a PIC from the property where their horses are kept. If you do not already have a PIC number, please ensure you apply ASAP as it can take some time to arrange. For further details see:


Owners of horses that reside on an agistment property do not need to apply for a PIC. However, the PIC number needs to be obtained from the owner of the property to be able to provide the number on the ride entry form.

* * * * * *

At its last meeting the SAERA committee voted and passed the following motion.


“Motion: In line with AERAs requirement SAERA proposes that ride applications close as of 31st December of each calendar year, no additional rides for the following year will be considered after this date. Proposed by: Janne Harris and Second Deb Sheldon, unanimous.

Explanation of above motion: As At 31st December 2014 the ride calendar needs to be finalised for AERASPACE, what appears on the calendar is what will occur for 2015. No late rides will be approved. In order to fulfil AERA’s insurance requirements, SAERA must submit a list of rides by January 2015.  This also enables members to plan their year and gives certainty to all involved with rides about what is required and when.


In line with the above please see the draft calendar for 2015 which consists of a list of suggested dates.  Some rides we have an idea who might apply to host but no actual paper has been submitted.  If you would like to put in a ride application please put pen to paper asap.


SAERA Committee.

* * * * *


“All horses from Qld and NSW within 250km of any known Hendra outbreak must have had their final Hendra vaccination on or before 21 day period prior to arriving at ride base, and must be able to provide a microchip number and vaccination certificate. Horses which have been previously vaccinated, must have maintained the current recommendation for booster shots. Other unvaccinated horses travelling from any other part of Qld and NSW must complete a 7 day temperature log to be presented on arrival. Local horses wishing to compete at SAERA rides must be isolated from any horse originating from a Hendra hot spot (250km from a reported outbreak) for a period of 28 days, separated by a minimum distance of 10 metres at all times, with no sharing of feed or water receptacles. ANY unvaccinated horses that have travelled into or from Hendra hot spots within 28 days prior to an event will not be allowed on the grounds.”

* * * * *

* * * * *


AERA met on the weekend of 14 March 2014 and revisited the Hendra situation.

The AERA took legal advice into consideration in resolving the following policy with regards to Hendra:

1.            AERA supports individuals who, in consultation with their Veterinarian, choose to vaccinate their horses against Hendra Virus.  This is the single most effective means of prevention.
2.            AERA (in the current Hendra landscape) will not permit any mandated vaccination for the Tom Quilty Gold Cup.
3.            AERA recommends appropriate biosecurity and risk management protocols be implemented at state affiliated events, where appropriate at rides, in accordance with policies currently being developed.

Individual ride organisers and State Divisions have the right, in accordance with point three of the policy above, to make their own decision regarding Hendra vaccination status for their own state affiliated rides.

Should the Hendra landscape change significantly, this decision will be reviewed.

AERA, in consultation with WAERA and the Tom Quilty 2014 Head Veterinarian and Committee, have finalised the quarantine and biosecurity arrangements for Wagin Tom Quilty 2014.

* * * * *


Hi Everyone,

Just a little reminder that if you are planning on becoming a member or riding at a ride or have someone riding for you, could you please give plenty of notice (2wks would be good) so that I am able to do your Membership Cards/Paperwork.

You cannot become a member on the day of a ride. It all has to be put on the computer now and updated before each ride.


* * * * *


The Jendari Cup is for the South Australian Arabian Endurance horse of the year. To be eligible you must compete on an Arabian/Arabianbred horse using it's AHSA registered name. The Cup generally consists of Five rides of good repute, spread geographically across South Australia. Points are allocated by placings in each division and completions. The points double for every extra 80 k.m distance completed. If there is a tie after this the winner is decided by the horse that has sucessfully completed the most kilometers if equal again then by most weight carried. Entry to the Jendari Cup is free. The Jendari Cup is presented at the S.A.E.R.A. annual awards night.

To confirm dates and for contact phone numbers visit the SAERA website.

The Endurance Riders Motto

Previous Winners

1997   Valdez
1998  Oaklyn Lassiter
1999  Oaklyn Lassiter
2000  Chip Chase Knight
2001  Kaian Desheen
2002  Allinga Lord Fenton
2003  Sindhagold
2004  Kentonvale Cruising
2005  Sheridan Park Kariim
2006  Chip Chase Knight
2007  Chip Chase Knight
2008  Chip Chase Knight
2009  Chip Chase Knight
2010  Chip Chase Knight
2011  Playing With Fire
2012  Qena Catt Dancer
2012/13 Tarkhim Shar Bastille
2013 Esaskia Shahmir

* * * * *

Hendra – the current debate - please note the paragraphs referring to rides in Western Australia which includes the Tom Quilty


SAERA elects a committee to represent them.  Further we have two delegates that go to the AERA table and have one vote amongst a table of 21 votes.


At the July 2013 AERA meeting there was a motion from the AERA vet panel requiring a phased in mandatory vaccination program Australia wide.  AERA chose to deal with that by forming a subcommittee who created a document you can access at




This document attempted to explode some myths, gather some facts and made some recommendations. 


The recommendations were considered at the November AERA meeting and defeated in terms of any form of mandatory vaccination anywhere.  What was supported is an increase in bio security, another subcommittee of which I(Melanie) am a member. 


Approximately two weeks ago WAERA announced That all horses from Queensland and NSW, and horses that have been in contact with horses from NSW and Queensland in the 28 days prior to entering Western Australia, must have current certified vaccination against Hendra virus to be able to attend WAERA affiliated events. 


This announcement does effectively mean if you wish to go to Wagin with your horse you would have to vaccinate regardless of your state of origin as you will probably have contact with NSW Qld horses in transit. AERA is in receipt of correspondence saying this is a major variation to the Quilty agreement and requiring AERA to either accept or reject the variation, prior to the March AERA meeting on 15 March.


There will be a teleconference of AERA delegates on Wednesday night. I am lead to believe we (AERA delegates) will have some information about possible options to share with SMCs and members after that teleconference, the idea being that the SMCs will then be in a better position to instruct their delegates how to vote at the March meeting on ???? will know after Wednesday 5 March night.


In the meantime members are encouraged to let the SMC know their thoughts.  You can email any SMC member.

Melanie and Julie

* * * * *

If anyone is interested in putting on a ride in the coming season please do not hesitate to contact the Committee.  There is lots of help available if you haven't done one before and if you go to our Ride Calendar page you will see the preferred dates available for rides. 

Stella Harbison is happy to talk to any potential ride organisers and talk them through the issues.  Ride applications along with a proposed ride budget should be mailed to Lainie Ray as the paperwork says.
* * * * *
PLEASE NOTE:  Details of each ride are needed by Shirley Ellis ([email protected]).  These details are required for the Aeraspace Calendar or it will not be possible to enter your ride onto the computer.  All details need to be confirmed, e.g. Date, Name of ride, Location of ride, distances (including legs if possible), Ride Contact, Vet, Ride Secretary.  If you do not have all these details just let Shirley know.  It would also be appreciated if you could send a flyer for the website as soon as one is available .

* * * * *

AERA Endurance Horse Registration fees.

At the November AERA meeting, the future of the Endurance Horse Registration fee was considered and discussed. The AERA considered the fee in the context of the following items that are on AERA’s short to mid-term horizon:

1) AeraSpace (like all software) will require ongoing maintenance and enhancements;
2) The AERA is developing an electronic timing system that will interface with AeraSpace. The intention is to provide each State with a complete hardware package designed for use at all events in Australia. The first trials should be conducted in the first quarter of 2014 with the intention of having it fully tested and operational for the 2014 TQ;
3) The AERA has committed to funding special celebration activities at our 50th Anniversary Tom Quilty in 2015.

When considering the above issues and the associated costs, it was decided to continue with the Endurance Horse Registration fee and increase it for the first time since its inception to ensure that the above projects could be adequately funded. Annual registrations rose from $11 to $25 and Lifetime from $55 to $60.

The decision to increase the annual fee significantly, whilst only marginally increasing the lifetime fee, was twofold;
(a) to encourage members to purchase lifetime registration thus reducing secretarial workloads in the long run; and
(b) to ensure that those members who turn over a large number of horses on a regular basis contribute accordingly.

* * * * *


Please be advised that EA is currently calling for applications for the newly formed National Endurance Committee via the EA website.




NOTE – Applications close 5pm Thursday 14th November.

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NARA is keen to know how many South Australians are genuinely interested in racing their Arabians as we are moving towards organizing Arabian races in South Australia. If you are interested in racing could you please let the Nara team know. email: [email protected] and or view www.naraaustralia.com for more information.

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A number of our members have had horses with colds/viruses recently and SAERA takes the opportunity to remind members of the need to keep sick horses at home for a period of at least a few weeks after they have been sick in line with normal biosecurity measures, (i.e. a few weeks after all symptoms have disappeared).

Please read the link regarding Biosecurity and Disinfection Procedures For Horse Owners:    Biosecurity etc.

You may also want to read this link regarding the Hendra Virus Hendra Virus  and the following document from the Hendra Management Subcommittee.

If anyone is having trouble trying to get to some of the pages at the bottom of the list just go to MORE and then use either the down arrow or the wheel on your mouse, don't use the left click on your mouse.

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Please don't forget that we have a Ride Survey (Ride Survey page in the lefthand column of this website or see below).  It would a great help to all Ride Organisers if they could receive some feedback about their rides.  It can be a difficult and thankless task to organise a ride and any feedback to help improve a ride in the future will be gratefully received.  This is a useful, constructive way of improving our ride experiences for all.  We have had 3 rides already that need feedback etc. so give it a go, we do need your input.


Please click on the above document to complete the Ride Survey. 

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Click here:      What's it all about

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The Committee have asked that if any member wishes to record anything from complaints to compliments regarding our Club, that this should be done either in writing or by email to a member of the Committee, preferably to one of our Secretaries, so that the matter can be discussed fully by the Committee.  If you make a phone call or just talk to someone this can so easily be forgotten especially if it takes place at a ride and we do like to address properly any relevant matters put by members.  All Committee member contacts are available on our Committee page.

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Please note corrected information regarding FEI Passports.  This information and the latest Application Form appear on our Forms page.

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We have coffee mugs (two colours) and stubby holders (six colours) for sale at $5 each plus any postage.  Please email Shirley at [email protected] as they are now available.

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Medication Control

A number of years ago AERA adopted the prohibited substance list used by the FEI.  When medication control is undertaken at endurance rides the substances being tested for can be found in a 29 page document at


Some have asked how long a substance on this list stays in a horse' system.  This should be discussed with your treating vet.

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There is a proforma in our stationery kit for ride talks, ride organisers are advised to use it to keep their talks on track.

RIDERS :  need to demonstrate some courtesy  by

1.      not speaking amongst themselves while ride talk is on (even if the ride talk is not for your ride)

2.      please let ride organisers finish before they ask questions


'Zero tolerance' is being promoted for this rule in South Australia.  Be warned - If you come off course under novice rime as advertised at ride talk, you will be disqualified.  It is the riders responsibility to synchronize their watch and manage their ride time.  No leniency will be given under any circumstances.  You may ride with a GPS and have an opinion on leg lengths, but leg lengths and ride times are as set at ride talk. 

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It is now mandatory for all livestock owners to have a Property Identification Code (PIC) for their property.  To read all the information about this go to www.pir.sa.gov.au  >biosecurity SA > animal health > animal identification.  Here on line you will find a copy of the leaflet regarding PICs Information  Click here on PIC Leaflet and also the form which has to be submitted - click here on PIC Application.   It is necessary that you have a PIC for your property even if you only have one animal so please read the leaflet and complete the Application Form.

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It would help the Ride Secretary with Entries at each ride if you could print out the Entry Form (see our Forms Page) and complete it before each ride.  Don't forget that the form must be signed at the bottom and the signature of a responsible adult is needed for Junior Riders and also the signature of a responsible member if the horse is owned other than by the rider.  If you are not a member then you must sign a Liability Waiver. It is ESSENTIAL that an emergency contact phone number is supplied.  Also members must make sure they use their Membership Card for 2015 !! 

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If you see a number at the bottom of a photo it means there is a comment.  To read the comment, click on the photo to enlarge it and then scroll down until you get to the comment.

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 Your Club needs you!

The State Management Committee urgently seeks helpers to generally lend a hand to make sure the rides go ahead.   To those who have already offered your invaluable service we thank you most sincerely. 

Please contact Jil Bourton (8532 4112 or mobile 0401 675383) and let her know what you can do.

 No helpers means no rides.

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See our new page Young Horse Challenge



For those of you who have enjoyed the delicious Lemon Cordial provided by Tracy's mum when the rides pass their property (and for those who haven't !!) here is the recipe:

Juice of 10 Lemons; Rind of 6 Lemons grated; 30g Tartaric Acid; 30g Citric Acid (One tablespoon); Ý kg Sugar;      Pour on 20 cups of boiling water, blend then bottle.  Keep in the fridge.


IF ANYONE OUT THERE WOULD LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE PHOTOS OR A REPORT OF THEIR RIDE PLEASE CONTACT SHIRLEY ON [email protected] .   THIS INCLUDES ANY SAERA MEMBERS RIDING INTERSTATE.  Photos need to be in jpeg format and preferably not too large, contact me if you are not sure about sizing your photos.

The following pages on our website change frequently.  Make sure you keep checking them out:

The Home Page, Ride Calendar, Ride Flyers, Results, Reports (when someone sends one in!!), Photo Gallery, Members Page, Minutes (monthly), Classifieds and our Guestbook is being used quite frequently.








Please make sure that you nominate for all Endurance and Training and Introductory rides (this means any ride).

Nominations should be made to the person(s) named on the Ride Calendar using the phone number or fax details provided (email may be used but is suggested that use the reply receipt facility with your email and if you do not receive a receipt you will have to  telephone to make sure your entry has been received.  This is your responsibility so it is suggested your email is sent in plenty of time.)   Nominations MUST be received by 8pm on the Monday preceding the ride.

A late entry fee of $10 will be added to all entries on the day where the pre-ride nomination has not been received prior to 8pm on the preceding Monday.


A Welcome to All Riders

We welcome enquiries from non-endurance riders.  Contact details of all Committee members are on our Committee page so please contact anyone on this list if you are interested in learning more. Don't be intimidated by the thought of riding 80km, every event has a 20km Introductory Ride and a Training Ride as well.

Rides are held at various locations throughout the cooler months of the year.  Please check the Ride Calendar for details.

How to use this site


If you wish to print up one of our forms or ride flyers, just click on the forms page or ride flyers and then click on whichever form you wish to print, this will appear as a pdf file and you can then click print.  I am endeavouring to put maps on the website for each ride.  Don't forget you can make these bigger by clicking on the % sign above the map.  They are in pdf so you can print them out.


If you wish to look at photos in the photo gallery, click on the photo gallery page and then click on one of the albums, all the photos will appear and if you wish to see one enlarged just click on the photo itself.  You will see a number and title under the enlarged photo and if you are interested in obtaining your photo on a disc for a small cost to cover expenses please contact Shirley (see below) and quote the album (ride name) and the number and title of the photo.  If you look at the photos in full page they may not look very sharp as they are only low resolution on the website, photos on a disc will be high resolution so they can be reproduced as a photograph.


If you would like anything to be added to this website there is a Members page and text and photos can be added.  If you send photos it would be a great help if you could try and ensure that they are less than 250kb.


See Classified page for details re advertising rates.


Links - just go to the links page and click on the website you would like to look at.  If you would like any other links to be added please contact Shirley (see below).

Contact Shirley Ellis by email at [email protected] or by phone on 85640024 / 0414436307.


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